Exhibition: 17th - 31st October
Location: Customs House Forecourt Sydney

Pavilion Installation

Thankyou to all the students for a fantastic job and all the hard work that has got this project together!

Carboard Tube Pavilion - UNSW

Christopher Thorp   z3216546@zmail.unsw.edu.au
Joseph Burraston   z3254444@student.unsw.edu.au
Lewis Miles   radical_elooee@hotmail.com

The Cardboard Tube Pavilion is an experimental temporary installation constructed from 2000 recycled cardboard tubes and plywood components. The pavilion was conceptualised as a way of engaging with the high volume of pedestrian traffic and lineal movements across Customs House Forecourt. 

Bates Smart Flowing Light Pavilion - USYD

Alex Tesoriero ates0890@uni.sydney.edu.au
Matt Ardain mardain@gmail.com
Aliakbar Irani mazdak33@yahoo.com
David Strange david.s.strange@gmail.com

The Flowing Light Pavilion has been constructed from recycled City of Sydney event banners and Foamex routed hoops. The pavilion experiments with some of the unique characteristics of fabric such as plasticity, lightness and tactility. Through the effects of movement, light and shadow the students have sought to create a form that challenges traditional architectural notions of enclosure.

USYD Finalists

Selected Competition Proposal

Light and Shadow Pavilion
Matt Ardain
Ali Irani
Alex Tesoriero
David Strange

UON Finalists

Selected Proposal

Puzzle Blocks
Abigail Steck
Tan Lip Khai