Exhibition: 17th - 31st October
Location: Customs House Forecourt Sydney

Cardboard Tube Pavilion - UNSW

Christopher Thorp   z3216546@zmail.unsw.edu.au
Joseph Burraston   z3254444@student.unsw.edu.au
Lewis Miles   radical_elooee@hotmail.com

The Cardboard Tube Pavilion is an experimental temporary installation constructed from 2000 recycled cardboard tubes and plywood components. The pavilion was conceptualised as a way of engaging with the high volume of pedestrian traffic and lineal movements across Customs House Forecourt. 

Customs House Forecourt

In response to the competition brief the team created a unique pavilion that distinguishes itself as a sculptural object. This then becomes a point of social gathering set against the orthogonal city blocks and office buildings of the surrounding context. Two undulating, fluid walls funnel visitor movement through the structure where they are encouraged to follow the tubes along the inside of the pavilion. This creates a process whereby vignettes and views of the outside are slowly revealed, fostering alternative perspectives of the forecourt and its activity.


Test Model

Proposed Tube Module

Prototype Testing

The pavilion was designed and constructed by a team of UNSW Architecture students at their Randwick Tramsheds Campus.

Construction Team     
Joel Cheuk

Queenie Tran
Lewis Miles
Christopher Thorp
Joseph Burraston
Chris Freeburn
Pouwel Wind
   Jimmy Yan Min
Michael Chien-Hao Chiu
Jianlong Lee (Scott)
Matthew Argent
Davin Turner
Phillipa Marston
Toan Ngo
Eric Chan