Exhibition: 17th - 31st October
Location: Customs House Forecourt Sydney

Bates Smart Flowing Light Pavilion - USYD

Alex Tesoriero ates0890@uni.sydney.edu.au
Matt Ardain mardain@gmail.com
Ali Irani aira7133@usyd.edu.au
David Strange david.s.strange@gmail.com

The Flowing Light Pavilion has been constructed from recycled City of Sydney event banners and Foamex routed hoops. The pavilion experiments with some of the unique characteristics of fabric such as plasticity, lightness and tactility. Through the effects of movement, light and shadow the students have sought to create a form that challenges traditional architectural notions of enclosure.

The pavilion consists of an array of suspended fabric tubes which create a transient mass that responds to the direction of the breeze or the movement of a person. The undulating surface created beneath the fabric becomes a counterpoint to the embodied weight of the suspended tubes. The public is invited to interact with the pavilion and move through the fabric, immersing themselves in the contrasts between light and shadow, wall and ceiling, inside and outside. The pavilion was designed and constructed by a team of University of Sydney Architecture students. 

Construction Images